ØVIB Stand Selection

The most important thing to ask when considering the ØVIB washer stand is: what is the nature of the vibration that you are experiencing? The ØVIB platform is designed to reduce the transmission of vibration from a front-loading washing machine into the floor at spin speeds, but is not intended to reduce audible noise from the washing machine. This means that if you are displeased by the noise your washing machine makes, rather than the vibrations that you can feel, the ØVIB Washer stand is probably not for you.
The washer platform has been optimized for use with front-loading washing machines. Users with top-loading washing machines will not experience the same peak performance as for front loaders, and should understand this before purchase. It is compatible with most makes and models of washing machine, though performance and will vary from make to make. See: What should I expect with my new ØVIB Washer Stand?

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