Say goodbye to washing machine vibration

Vibrating washing machines have finally met their match.

In today’s ever-changing environment, technology fuels innovation. Seicon Limited has taken the latest advancements in shock and vibration control and developed customizable solutions for use in a multitude of applications. The SEICON SYSTEM®technology is based on a simple yet powerful design for use in consumer appliances, machinery, buildings, bridges, roadways, aircraft, ships and vehicles to isolate and reduce vibrations and shock waves.

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The Seicon ØVIB Washing Machine Vibration Stand

(formerly SteadyWash™†)

Why does my front loading washing machine generate so much vibration?

The vast majority of washing machine users experience the most vibration during the spin cycle, when the accelerations resulting from basket imbalance are at their highest. Read More .

How does the ØVIB Washer Stand compare to other pads, mats and feet?

The ØVIB Washer Stand has been tested by Consumer Reports and was found by Seicon to outperform the competition by at least 53%. Read More.

Why does the ØVIB Washer Stand cost more than the competition?

The ØVIB Washer Stand is more than a hockey-puck block of rubber. Instead, it is a platform made of 16-gauge E-coated steel containing four of Seicon Limited’s patented vibration isolators. Why settle for another lower performing product?

Why does the ØVIB Washer Stand perform so much better than the competition?

The ØVIB Washer Stand is significantly different from other products on the market because it is the only product that uses a true isolator to reduce vibration. All other currently marketed products rely on elastomeric damping materials, which are not very effective in reducing the high amplitude, low frequency vibrations that are emitted from a washing machine during the spin cycle. Read More .

What should I expect with my new ØVIB platform?

The ØVIB platform is designed to reduce the transmission of vibration from a front-loading washing machine into the floor at spin speeds, but is not intended to reduce audible noise from the washing machine. Read More

How do I determine whether the ØVIB Washer Stand is right for my situation?

The most important thing to ask when considering the ØVIB washer stand is: what is the nature of the vibration that you are experiencing? Read More.

What are others saying?

All in all, I could not be more pleased with the outcome of my discussions with you. You’ve engineered a product that solves a longstanding problem, and although the 0Vib is more expensive than the other pretenders in the marketplace, it is well worth the investment for anyone suffering from vibration associated with a second floor laundry installation.
- – Dan

We have a small LG front-loading washer in a New York city apartment, and the vibration and noise transmitted to the building during the high-speed spin cycle was crazy. After installing this anti-vibration platform more than a year ago, the machine is almost silent during the spin cycle, and the vibration transfer to the floor is almost completely eliminated.
- – Michael

We loved our new front loader except for the vibration .. none of the pads helped. Vibration could be felt through the house; noise required ear plugs. Then we saw the 0Vib platform and decided to give it a try. Total transformation of the washer … vibration minimal; noise reduced greatly … we can live with the washer! Thanks.
- – Phillip

To see more customer reviews about the ØVIB Washer Stand, Click Here.

†SteadyWash™ is a trademark owned by Ohio Steel Industries.



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